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From a baseline of hot and dry, Centralia’s climate is becoming hotter and drier. The exotics that have survived in Centralian towns, albeit on significant amounts of water, may not flourish in the future. A changing climate creates greater imperatives for us to make informed decisions for planning and planting the vegetation of the future.

Inland natives are suited to arid and semi-arid environments, are low on maintenance, waterwise, and drought and heat tolerant. They provide natural shade, screening and cooling, while enriching urban landscapes and promoting urban wellbeing with sculptural trunks, abundant lustrous flowers, edible fruits, fragrant scents and nectar. Planting inland natives creates islands of biodiversity in our urban landscapes, provides food and shelter to native birds, bats, reptiles and invertebrates, crowds out weeds and can help to reduce the energy consumption of our homes.

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